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TitanHQ makes your network safer. We believe that you should have easy to use, but robust and effective security tools - that hide complexity without compromising functionality. We help protect people like you, in 129 countries, in organizations like yours: SMBs, schools, universities, colleges, ISPs, banks and government. Products offered include product groups SpamTitan and WebTitan.

, a division of TitanHQ was created in 2006, locating its base in Galway City, Ireland. The same year the company formed its partnership with Kasperky Lab gaining a powerful built in antivirus engine. With e-mail being the most important method of communication for businesses it makes sense to implement an effective solution that protects this valuable means of communication. SpamTitan provides the protection that every company needs against Spam, Viruses, Trojans, Malware and all other unwanted email content and threats.


is also a division of Titan HQ. After a successful launch and a great market response to the SpamTitan solution, the company have decided to introduce an internet filtering appliance targeted at the same market. That’s how in 2009 the WebTitan product became available for Businesses, and Education in ISO or VMware.


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Wojciech Ziarek
Partner Sales Manager
ph. +48 882 550 929 

Official web site: http://www.titanhq.com/
Products and Solutions
Full-service, cloud based email security solution which protects your business, your employees and your clients.
Complete solution to email security offering protection from Spam, Viruses, Trojans, Phishing and unwanted content.
Full-service cloud based email security solution which protects your business, your employees and your clients. The private cloud solution can be set up in the TitanHQ cloud or in your own datacentre.
Cloud based web filtering service which allows you to monitor, control and protect your business and users from online threats.
Allows providers of Internet services to offer web content controls to their customers easily.
WebTitan allows organizations to protect their data and users from malware and other internet threats such as viruses, spyware, and phishing as well as providing user policy browsing tools to ensure corporate internet policy is adhered to.