Comprehensive email solution with complete security
First Platform for Users, Fax and SMS, Tool for Midsize, Medium and Business Utilities.
The Retarus communication platform helps to secure, modernize and consolidate the content of the communication infrastructure. No need for solutions or gateways, but with services from a cloud-based enterprise solution that is 100% GDPR compliant. Simple and hassle-free integration with the IT address book and application. Assess whether it is the cloud, legacy systems, applications, or digital workplaces. It meets inspection and industry standards, including SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, and fills in gaps when required by compliance regulations.
The Retarus communication platform allows for safe and reliable communication via e-mail, fax and SMS. In progress with OCR and Intelligent Capture, it opens up a whole world of digitization and process automation.


Basic protection
  • Incoming traffic management
  • Antivirus multi-scan (2x)
  • Deep anti-spam engine inspection
  • Phishing filter powered by artificial intelligence
  • Anti-spoofing protection
Advanced threat protection
  • Antivirus multi-scan (4x)
  • ML sandbox technology based on Palo Alto
  • Instant click protection
  • CxO fraud detection
  • The best package
Against social engineering attacks
  • Against impersonation
  • No compromise on business email
  • End-user friendly



  • Complete:  One solution for all aspects the business communication channel no.1 – from a single source
  • Future-proof: Always at the cutting edge through both self-developed and market-leading technologies ("Best-of-Breed")
  • Legally compliant: Processing exclusively in self-operated European data centers; no use of US-based hyperscaler; headquartered in Germany, fully GDPR compliant; 100% privately owned
  • Best quality: Unmatched processing time; highly available – even contractually assured (SLA). More than 400 specialists, including in-house support, are there to help even when things get tricky
  • Email DNA: Retarus has been a true expert in email for over 25 years. And with their patented solutions, they continue to actively shape the market.



Wojciech Ziarek
Partner Sales Manager 
ph. +48 882 550 929 

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