Observe IT
Observe IT
The World’s #1 Insider Threat Management Software
ObserveIT is the leader in user behavior analytics for insider threat detection and enables companies to mitigate the risk of insider threats from business users, privileged users, and thirdparty contractors. ObserveIT records, monitors, and analyses user behavior across the entire enterprise down to the application field level with zero operational impact. Analytics and scoring identify users who represent the greatest risk, enabling security teams to respond before the business is impacted. Our granular user activity metadata provide a detailed audit trail of all user behavior to streamline investigations and audits.
ObserveIT is trusted by over 1,200 customers in 70 countries across all verticals.
  • Field-Level App Monitoring

Capture all user activity in every application, web page and system, regardless of how users gain access (RDP, SSH, Telnet, Citrix, direct console login, etc.). Field-level application monitoring allows to understand risk at an application field-level and detect abnormal usage.

  • User Risk Analysis
Detect user actions that are out of role, suspicious, or in violation of security policies and automatically assign a risk score for every user with user behavior analytics. Quickly identify, investigate and respond to risky user activity, with our user risk dashboard.
  • Live Session Response
Stop the unwanted exposure of sensitive data, company IP, or customer information with live session response. Whether you learn of insider threats from ObserveIT or external threats from your SIEM, drill-down into user sessions, message the user and remotely shut down the session.


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