Simplified and secure data transfers.
GoAnywhere is an award-winning cybersecurity product line that helps more than 3,000 organizations securely collaborate with business partners, automate IT processes, protect data and keep sensitive information out of the DMZ.
The vendor automates and encrypts data between an organization and its channel partners, protecting it from unnecessary vulnerabilities as well as improving the overall quality of file transfers and reducing costs.
GoAnywhere has been recognized by users and industry experts as a high-performance file transfer solution with extensive functionality and unparalleled customer support. In addition, the vendor carefully tests its solutions for compatibility with enterprise-class operating systems and web browsers, as well as to ensure compliance with commercial and federal regulations.
  • File transfer management
  • Detailed security controls
  • Dispersed workloads
  • Easy automation


Wojciech Ziarek
Partner Sales Manager
ph. +48 882 550 929 


Official web site: https://www.goanywhere.com/
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