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Energy Logserver






An innovative solution enabling centralization of IT system events. Energy Logserver allows you to instantly review logs, analyze them and report.

Energy Logserver allows for an immediate review of logs, their analysis and reporting - the scale does not matter.

Energy Logserver is an immediate response to the huge demand for storage and analysis of large amounts of data coming from IT systems. Energy Logserver is an innovative solution that responds to the need to effectively process large amounts of data from IT environments of today's organizations.

The Energy Loggerver project was created to centralize the events of all IT areas in the organization.

We focused on creating a tool with the most expected functionalities of IT departments. By applying an effective licensing model, the solution can be implemented in the scope expected by the customer even with very large volumes of data. At the same time, the innovative architecture allows for servicing a large portion of data, which can not be dedicated to limited scalability solutions.

Based on the open-source project Elasticsearch valued on the market, we have created an efficient solution with powerful data storage and searching capabilities.

The system has been enriched with a number of functionalities that ensure the security of stored information, verification of users, correlation and data visualization, alerting and reporting.




  • Log sources
  • Alert
  • Object permissione
  • Vizualize
  • Report
  • Internal Audit
  • Mobile App
  • Agent Management



  • Log Management
  • Network Analysis
  • SIEM


Piotr Kawa
Business Development Director 

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