Digital Guardian
Digital Guardian

Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Software

Digital Guardian is a next generation data protection platform designed to stop data theft. The Digital Guardian platform performs across the corporate network, traditional endpoints, mobile devices and cloud applications to make it easier to see and stop all threats to sensitive data. For more than 10 years, it has enabled data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with an on premise deployment or an outsourced managed security program (MSP). Digital Guardian’s unique data awareness and transformative endpoint visibility, combined with behavioral threat detection and response, enables you to protect data without slowing the pace of your business.



  • Control all data movement and transmission with content and context-awareness
    Set the DG agent to automatically prompt or block a user activity depending on the context, then log and audit the event for forensic analysis. Only Digital Guardian gives you full content inspection and context awareness that is data, user & event aware. Broader context enables more effective, real-time visibility & control.

  • Enforce data protection policies across all egress channel
    Set policies to automatically block, justify or automatically encrypt sensitive data in or attached to email, or files moved to removable drives or cloud storage.

  • Stop data theft - without impacting productivity
    Design policies with fine-grained controls that won’t block actions that comply with corporate policy so employees remain productive while the data stays safe. With Digital Guardian your data is made intelligent. Our software automatically blocks only those   actions that pose a threat to your organization. Its unique, contextual awareness lets you minimize risk while maintaining the pace of your business.

  • All-in advanced classification of sensitive data on endpoints
    Create and modify detailed classification and usage policies through full content inspection, context-awareness and user classification.

  • Control documents on mobile devices with the DG Mobile App for IOS
    Give your end users a secure document viewer for Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, and PDF documents on iOS devices. The DG Mobile App is classification aware and enforces policies consistent with DG agents to alert/notify, prompt or block users.
    Prevent unencrypted documents to be copied or redirected to another app, container, or other medium.



Digital Guardian works in all environments (on-premise, cloud, hybrid, virtual) and on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), protecting all data. It is the leading provider of this type of product, enjoying the trust of more than 300 000 customers : Toyota, Ferrari, NBC, Vodafone, T-Systems, Toshiba, ING, NASA, Samsung, Merck, and others.



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