Complete protection of sensitive data in one simple device
CoSoSys is an award winning IT security vendor founded in 2004. It has offices in Germany, the United States, South Korea and Romania, with more than 70 distributors and resellers in over 30 countries. Its solutions are trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world and protecting data on more than 30 million devices.
Mission - to prevent data loss and data theft to enable businesses and end users to enjoy the benefits of mobility, portability and communications solutions without compromising security. We achieve this by protecting the ever-increasing number of endpoints and devices that access and store sensitive data.
Endpoint Protector 4 is available as a hardware, virtual appliance or a cloud version, and the implementation itself does not take more than 25 minutes. The solution consists of three modules:
  • Device Control (for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux One of the most granular solution on the market) - Take control of the devices connected to your network and ensure confidential data is not lost, leaked or stolen via USB flash drives, memory cards, external HDD, mp3 players, digital cameras, teensy board, etc.

  • Content Aware Protection (for Windows and Mac OS X One of the most advanced Mac solution on the market) - Support communication but protect sensitive data being sent, attached, shared or uploaded via e-mails, messengers, web browsers, cloud storage solutions, social media, etc.

  • Mobile Device Managment (for Android, iOS and OS X One of the most user-friendly solution on the market) - Increase productivity, support mobility and expand your data loss prevention policy by managing your mobile device fleet. 

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Protects PC, Mac and Linux endpoints from unauthorized usage of USB and other portable devices for Data Loss Prevention.