Internet service providers, hosting providers and Internet companies are increasingly relying on the award-winning Corero technology: SmartWall ThreatDefense System (TDS). 

The rich set of DDoS analytical functions provides detailed network visibility, alerting and reporting. Comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks is provided for layers 3-7 of the OSI model as well as by built-in protection against zero-day attacks.

  • SmartWall Network ThreatDefense 120 (NTD120) - a device protecting against DDoS, - Enables detection of DDoS attacks in real time, automatic error detection and automatic 10 Gbps mitigation in full duplex or unidirectional 20 Gbps mode.  

  • SmartWall Network Threat Defense 1100 (NTD1100) - provides real-time detection of DDoS for 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections, in a compact 1 RU format - as the first provider in the industry - scaling up to 4 Tbps. 

  • SmartWall Virtual Network Threat Defense (vNTD) - a natural extension of the Corero DDoS automated security products, enabling seamless implementation of efficient, scalable and cost-effective protection in physical and virtual environments; in the office or in the cloud.

  • SmartWall Service Portal - enables service providers and SPs to provide protection against DDoS attacks in the form of a service to their clients, - the portal is an internet application that provides management of the client's life cycle, with the possibility of assigning levels of DDoS protection services and real-time browsing of desktops and historical data, - protected clients can log in to their own portal view, accessing dashboards and attack reports to understand the value of the DDoS protection they receive.

  • SmartWall Analytics - dedicated portal for advanced visualization and security analysts functions, - this portal uses the Splunk Big Data Analytics solution for easy reading of security dashboards based on the comprehensive visibility of traffic from Corero's SmartWall TDS technology.

  • SmartWall Managed Service - a comprehensive package of optimization services for configuration, monitoring and mitigation, - these services, provided by the Corero Security Operations Center, are adapted to meet the security policy and business objectives of each SmartWall TDS client.




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