Detect, inspect and secure critical data.
Clearswift is a well-trusted solution to protect against cyber attacks and data loss. Included modules protect data and provide complete and unified protection for email, websites and end points. This comprehensive look enables teams to collaborate effectively and securely and give IT administrators control and visibility over important and sensitive data.
All Clearswift modules are based on the Deep Content Inspection Engine, which detects, analyzes and modifies content in real-time. Unique redaction and sanitization features maintain smooth and risk-free communication by removing only those elements that may carry a possible unwanted data breach or destructive cyber attack.
  •  award-winning 24/7 customer support;
  •  25+ years’ cybersecurity expertise;
  •  independent analyst recognition;
  •  system health checks;
  •  Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation;
  •  free training.

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Partner Sales Manager 
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