DNS infrastructure control

BlueCat Networks offers reliable and scalable solutions, designed to manage IP addressing (IPAM) as well as DNS and DHCP services. Thanks to these tools, it is possible to centrally manage, visibility, monitor, report and control the entire IP infrastructure and related services. The solutions offered by BlueCat are used by companies such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Apple, Burberry, Dell, Sony.
• Comprehensive DNS traffic visibility and control, anomaly detection and reporting.
• Unified DNS traffic balancing platform that provides scalable DHCP management services and professional IP address management for organizations.
• Retrieve information directly from routers and switches to identify changes to network devices or detect unauthorized or suspicious IP addresses.
• Support in identifying dangerous IoT devices and detecting threats in the internal network.
• Automatic control mechanisms used by SD-WAN related to the automation of back-end infrastructure, incl. when devices log back in to get IP addresses from the DHCP pool.


• BlueCat DNS Edge
• BlueCat Address Manager
Full visibility and control of DNS traffic
Deployed as a network-wide virtual DNS caching layer, DNS Edge service points log every DNS query and response for every client on the network - without agents. This means cybersecurity teams gain visibility into the intent of each device and can use advanced, intelligent analytics tools to identify patterns of malicious behavior such as data exfiltration, tunneling, and domain generation algorithms (DGAs).
Unlike a firewall or network proxy, DNS Edge enables incident response analysts to gain detailed insight into request, response and original host computer activity, and search and filter to find a potential threat and remove it before it spreads. Applying detailed rules such as zone, device type and more helps block unwanted access and monitor sensitive data.
• Deeper visibility. Correlate query and response logs with the originating host
• See both internal and external traffic; for every type of client
• Rely on forensic examination journals
• Extract bad files and other infected devices
• Better control
• Get detailed policy control by device, zone, time of day etc.
• Whitelist IoT or critical access systems for illegal domains
• Monitor machines that gain access to confidential data; be warned about suspicious behavior
• Integration with SIEM or Splunk to correlate with other tools
Greater detection
• Apply intelligent analysis to all DNS queries on your network
• Detect behaviors such as data exfiltration, tunneling and DGA
• Intense third-party anti-virus intelligence to block known bad domains
• Simplified address and host support. Active Directory integration
• Support for BIND views
• DNS Black List
• DNSSEC management
• Key security based on HSM Crossover High Availability (XHA)
• Recovery tool
• DNS support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure
• Full IPv6 support
• DHCP MAC address filtering
• DHCP Failover restore utility
Your firewall
Firewalls are critical to any layered defense, but they don't make full use of the DNS data you have today. For example, DNS Edge helps incident response teams track and remove malicious movements. Correlates DNS requests, responses, and starting IP address so that security teams can apply specific policies for both internal and external traffic. Your current DNS infrastructure on your company's servers is difficult and often ineffective. Even if you capture the original IP address and query, there is no critical domain response information that can detect potential threats. Creating a policy to block these threats across the entire infrastructure is difficult. DNS Edge integrates with your existing DNS for visibility and control.
DNS Edge allows you to send only the most interesting data to the SIEM to shorten the average time to solution and set the rules for blocking, monitoring, redirecting or adding a domain whitelist immediately. Are you using Splunk? - download our DNS Edge for Splunk app and start creating better security policies right in Splunk.
BlueCat Enterprise DNS service based on automation
Automation and self-service frees the IT organization from managing routine IPAM changes, significantly reducing waiting times for critical network requests and helping solve complex business problems. BlueCat has helped customers get tens of thousands of virtual machines up and running per hour, deliver cloud computing in minutes and automate millions of transactions while maintaining compliance standards. We make sure your organization can leverage DNS with a rich set of APIs and a robust automation platform that enables dynamic interaction with the web ecosystem.
Control over your dynamic network with BlueCat Address Manager
With the rapid growth of connected devices and the importance of DNS in key initiatives such as automation and virtualization, you need a new approach to DNS and DHCP management. With BlueCat Address Manager you can replace manual processes, reduce network administrator time and increase efficiency in the cloud, freeing up IT resources.
BlueCat's DNS and DHCP platform centralizes and automates the management of the network infrastructure, minimizing errors and significantly increasing reliability.
BlueCat DNS is scalable and easy to manage, which forms the basis of robust network systems designed to meet the dynamic needs of your organization. BlueCat's DHCP service provides secure, highly available, scalable support for two layers in the network - even in the cloud. BlueCat DNS ensures the reliability of your critical network infrastructure, and essential business-critical services are resilient and highly available. DNS centralization and rationalization greatly reduces the risk of downtime caused by configuration changes or outdated / inconsistent DNS records. DHCP Failover and Crossover High Availability (XHA) ensure that DHCP for both IPv4 and IPv6 maintains the highest uptime standards.

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