Attivo Networks
Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks provides a comprehensive deception platform that in real-time detects inside-the-network intrusions in networks, public and private data centers, and specialized environments such as Industrial Control System (ICS) SCADA, Internet of Things (IoT), and Point of Sale (POS) environments.

Attivo provides the required visibility and substantiated alerts to detect, isolate, and defend against cyber attacks.

Unlike prevention systems, Attivo assumes the attacker is inside the network and uses high-interaction decoys and endpoint, server, and application deception lures placed ubiquitously across the network to deceive threat actors into revealing themselves.

With no dependencies on signatures or attack pattern matching, the BOTsink deception server is designed to accurately and efficiently detect the reconnaissance and lateral movement of advanced threats, stolen credential, ransomware, man-in-the-middle, and phishing attacks.

The Attivo Multi-Correlation Detection Engine (MCDE) captures and analyzes attacker IPs, methods, and actions that can then be viewed in the Attivo Threat Intelligence Dashboard,  exported for forensic reporting in IOC, PCAP, STIX, CSV formats or can be used to automatically update SIEM and prevention systems for blocking, isolation, and threat hunting.



• BOTsink®
• ThreatDirect®
• ThreatStrike®
• ADSecure™
• ThreatOps®
• ThreatPath®



• Threat Detection

Deception works by using deceive traps and lures designed to attract an attacker into engaging and away from
production assets. Decoys are projected throughout the network along with endpoint credentials, mapped shares,
deception data or applications that will breadcrumb the attacker back to an engagement server that will alert on the
presence of an attacker.

Attivo Networks uses real operating systems, services, and applications that mirror match the production environment.

• Cloud Detection

Defend any cloud environment, whether public, private, or hybrid. Gain visibility and detection for attacks that target cloud infrastructure. Organizations can quickly detect lateral movement and reconnaissance, misdirect attacks, and gain engagement-based alerts on threats inside any cloud infrastructure or serverless environment.

Cloud environments supported:
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), OpenStack.

• Insider Threat Detection

Security teams can quickly detect unauthorized network scans, credential theft, and reuse, or attempts to access and steal data by creating synthetic deceptive assets intermingled with the production environment.  By creating deception servers, file shares, credentials, documents with beaconing capabilities, files, databases, and other decoy elements, deceptions are planted to quickly detect policy violations or malicious activity from insider threats.

• Incident Response

Decoys record all attacker interactions to capture the forensic evidence analysts need to conduct and report on their investigations. With the Informer solution, the built in analysis engine automatically correlates attack data, enriches the information with native threat intelligence feeds, and delivers an accurate chronological session view of all attacker activity. The system automates incident response with integrations that provide automatic threat intelligence sharing, blocking, and threat hunting.

• Risk Reduction Programs

The platform aligns to well-known security frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and ISO 27001/27002.  It provides ongoing reliability assessments of both security tools and processes, and aids in providing metrics for accountability and acting on or assessing a business’s risk management program.  With its ability to defend legacy systems and devices with limited built-in security as well as its ability to cover the expanding attack surface, the ThreatDefend platform reduces cybersecurity risk across the organization.

• Active Directory Recon Protection

The TheatDefend platform provides extensive coverage to protect the Active Directory infrastructure without impacting operations.  Easily intercept and redirect reconnaissance activities targeting critical AD data. Proactive defense to protect most critical AD accounts and information from unauthorized access.



EASY TO GENERATE - Deception campaigns are automatically proposed based on self-learning of the environment (no hassle authenticity).
EASY TO DEPLOY - Out-of-band and agentless technology make deployment simple and highly scalable (machine-learning installs).
EASY TO OPERATE - Actionable alerts, automation, and native integrations empower fast response to alerts (no extra staff needed).



DECEIVE - Reveal In-network Threats

  • Attractive decoys
  • Credential lures
  • Ransomware bait
  • Data deceptions

DETECT - Early and Accurate Detection

  • Lateral movement and credential theft
  • Ever-changing threat landscape
  • Evolving attack surface
  • Internal and external threat actors

DEFEND - Accelerated Incident Response

  • Advanced attack analysis
  • Substantiated alerts
  • Automated incident response
  • Threat path visibility and attack visualization



Wojciech Ziarek
Partner Sales Manager 
ph. +48 882 550 929 



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