Ergon Informatik AG is a widely diversified company that creates products for many different sectors. The manufacturer has exceptional knowledge and experience in sectors such as financial services, electronic banking, telecommunications and security. In 1997, Ergon developed Switzerland's first eBanking system for Credit Suisse. One of the company's main products is the Airlock Suite. The Advanced Security System was introduced in 2002 and is now used by 400 customers worldwide.
The Swiss manufacturer of solutions provides security to organizations that have or use network applications as well as solutions for authentication and authorization of users who use applications and network services in organizations.
• Web Application Protection (WAF)
• Airlock WAF
• Airlock Login
• Airlock IAM
The safety of surfing the Internet is nowadays an inseparable part of the functioning of every organization. The Airlock Suite is a reliable solution that allows the implementation of the above assumption. This system is based on precise Swiss engineering knowledge, many years of experience and thoughtful concepts that will meet the most complex challenges. The Airlock Suite deals with filtering and authentication in one complete and coordinated solution - setting new standards in usability and service.
Multi-layered security for Airlock WAF web applications through:
• secure Reverse Proxy - termination of TCP / IP and SSL connections and application virtualization,
• enforcing user authentication and authorization,
• multi-level content filtering, ICAP, SOAP / XML, AMF and JSON protocol filtering, fingerprinting,
• central management - safe archiving and integration with HSM, SIEM.
Wojciech Ziarek
Partner Sales Manager 
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