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TNT Ukraine Company chose DeviceLock to prevent data leakage.
TNT Ukraine Company chose DeviceLock to prevent data leakage.

In order to control access to sensitive corporate data and prevent them from leaking, TNT Express in Ukraine implemented a solution DeviceLock.

According to the head of the Ukrainian branch of TNT Express, Igor Tolmacheva, it is necessary for your solution resulted from the enormous risk offered by the potential data leakage. "Much of the risk associated with information security company, has less to do with the hackers or malicious activity but is related to the staff activities. Before us was a difficult task to take control of the flow of information within the company," commented Igor Tolmachev.

In the selection of solution for the infrastructure based on 350 stations and more than 40 servers, company executives has decided to cooperate with BAKOTECH and DeviceLock, mainly because of the ease of use and implementation, and effectiveness of the chosen solution. DeviceLock's IT department to allow full control over which devices are connected to workstations, as they are used and what information is saved on them. The customer also received the opportunity to hidden copy the data transferred to external devices, allowing administrators to be fully informed what documents were used in these operations. In addition, the process of installation and implementation of solutions was very complicated, which has served the professional help from the company SPRO Ltd – DeviceLock Certified Partner.


TNT Express – the leader in akresie express delivery packages for companies and correspondence. In Ukraine, has a staff of over 700 employees in 20 regional offices. TNT Express Ukraine serves more than 140 cities and executes more than 10 000 operations courier services within a week.

DeviceLock  a means for recording and monitoring access to devices, input-output. DeviceLock allows you to control full range of devices that can be potentially dangerous: USB, CD / DVD, аs well as FireWire devices operating in the infrared ports, parallel and serial ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, tape drives, all internal and external drives, including drives hard. DeviceLock provides a detailed audit and a copy of the data that users send to the above described input-output devices, including the local PDA or smartphone, and also controls user access to printing devices.

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