Web Performance Monitor


» Know when users can’t get to your site or web app, or are giving up because it’s too slow

» Track Web Service/SaaS application performance for both internal and external solutions

» View website and infrastructure performance from a single view

» Monitor user experience from multiple access locations

» Automatically alert with configurable thresholds at each step of a transaction


Monitor Internal, SaaS-Based, and Customer-Facing Web Apps

  • Easily monitor Web applications such as CRM, supply chain, help desk, and more. Because Web Performance Monitor is installed within your firewall, you can securely monitor internal resources.

Easy-to-Use Transaction Recorder

  • Quickly and easily capture how a user interacts with your site or web app with our intuitive recorder—no scripting involved.

Application Stack Management Dashboard

  • When used with products like SolarWinds® Server and Application Monitor, you can map the relationship between a transaction or page to its supporting servers, databases, virtual infrastructure, and storage resources. This allows you to see the underlying components and their status.

Web-based Application Performance

  • With SolarWinds website monitoring software, you can quickly recognize if web services are causing a slow user experience in your third-party applications.

Detailed Load-Time Metrics

  • TCP waterfall charts quickly identify what page elements are taking the most time to load. You can monitor website elements such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as overall performance, and get notified for incomplete or slow transactions.

Monitor Transactions from Multiple Locations

  • Web Performance Monitor lets you monitor transactions from wherever you want, including locations within your firewall or from your Amazon® EC2® instances.

Transaction Alerting/Notifications

  • Set warnings and custom timing thresholds for individual steps and entire transactions. Get notified automatically when a transaction fails.

Website and Web App Performance Reporting

  • Web-based reports make it easy to generate quick reports on page load speeds, transaction health, website availability over time.