The vSTREAM™ virtual appliance complements existing Adaptive Session Intelligence™ (ASI)-based instrumentation to provide the same smart data visibility within virtualized and cloud infrastructures that is already possible in physical environments. The vSTREAM virtual appliance is ideal for monitoring service-critical traffic running within virtualized or cloud infrastructures.


Achieve User Experience Goals

  • With end-to-end visibility across data centers, multi-cloud, and remote sites

Seamless, Affordable Visibility

  • Affordable, scalable, and simplified packet-data visibility and analysis that is easy to deploy and manage

Reduce time to Solve Problems:

  • Combination of east-west and north-south visibility and proven workflows for comprehensive service assurance decreases the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

Unparalleled Visibility and Control in Hybrid Cloud Environments

NETSCOUT delivers visibility across technology services, infrastructures and platforms, including private and public cloud, SDNs and virtualized environments. As a software-based instrumentation, vSTREAM virtual appliances provides insight into packet traffic and application workloads giving IT organizations smart data for visibility and control for service assurance performance management and cybersecurity purposes.


Visibility into Application Performance

  • Real-time analysis of application performance and end-user experience for proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, baselines, and dependencies

Superior End-to-End Analytics

  • East-West traffic monitoring helps identify performance problems and security issues across data centers, cloud, and branches

High performance, agent-less architecture

  • Easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage approach.

Power of Smart Data

  • Packet-based monitoring and analysis presents real-time views of sessions, conversations, network-wide KPIs, and packet capture capabilities