SpamTitan Cloud
What is SpamTitan Cloud?
SpamTitan Cloud is a full-service, cloud based email security solution which protects your business, your employees and your clients. The cloud solution is extraordinarily simple to set up and manage, requires no software installation and provides among its many features 99.70% spam detection, virus and malware blocking, authentication control, outbound scanning as well as robust reporting structures. Central to everything we do is our service commitment to our worldwide client base, start our free trial today and see why so many companies trust us with their business.
Email content control and protection for business.
SpamTitan protects the organisation from threats by managing the organisation’s email traffic and regulating the email that employees receive by blocking spam email, viruses and malware. SpamTitan Cloud requires no software installation and can be set up and operational in a matter of minutes, making it an ideal solution for any organisation.
Why use SpamTitan Cloud?
SpamTitan Cloud has been purpose-built to enable businesses to easily protect their users and network from spam email, viruses and malware. The cloud solution is designed to easily integrate into the existing infrastructure and deployment is very straight forward SpamTitan Cloud enable businesses to filter the organisation’s email traffic without any expensive or time consuming overheads.
Product Features

Spam filtering

SpamTitan Cloud filters your organisation’s email traffic to stop email spam from reaching your users. The solution guarantees 99.97% spam detection through multi-layered spam analysis including; real time blacklists (RBLs), lists of websites that were detected in unsolicited emails (SURBLs), sender policy frameworks and Bayesian analysis, This coupled with a low false positive rate of 0.03% allows you to rest easy knowing your users never lose genuine email, but are protected from
unsolicited email.
Virus and malware blocking

The multi award winning solution contains double antivirus protection; Kaspersky Lab and Clam AV which serve to block viruses and malware trying to infiltrate your network through email.
White listing / black listing

The solution allows you to whitelist / blacklist sender email addresses meaning you can choose to always allow / always block mail from a particular email address.

SpamTitan Cloud can send a quarantine reports to users at specified times and intervals. The quarantine report contains a list of emails which have not been sent to the user because they potentially contain spam or viruses. The end user can decide to deliver, whitelist or delete the emails in the quarantine report.
Cloud based

The cloud based solution requires no software installation making it simple to set up and manage. There are no management or maintenance over heads as updates and support are fully included in the product.
Recipient verification

SpamTitan offers a number of Recipient Verification types they are: Dynamic Recipient Verification (DRV), LDAP, list based and specify regular expression verification. Once a mail is delivered to the SpamTitan Cloud, it will validate the email address against the mail server thus rejecting fake emails and spam.
Outbound scanning

Outbound scanning of email is vital today. It blocks spam and viruses being sent out from your organisation, thus preventing your IPs from being blacklisted as a spammer by one of the many global blacklisting services. IP blacklisting prevents email delivery, interferes with business process and productivity is difficult and time consuming to resolve. SpamTitan Cloud prevents this.

The Web Authentication settings allows you to control for each Domain what Authentication Method will be used when a user attempts to login. The following authentication methods are supported: Internal (default), LDAP, SQL server, POP3, and IMAP. The support of external authentication modules ensures that when possible users won’t have to remember multiple passwords. All login attempts will be directed to the appropriate authentication server for that domain.