SecureDoc for Servers

Large scale security with Full Server Encryption

SecureDoc Server Encryption helps businesses lock down their infrastructure investment, offering their flagship Full Disk Encryption and a host of other features to seamlessly manage and protect the data residing on company servers.

SecureDoc Server Encryption takes care of all your server security-related management. This includes:

  • the management of policies,
  • password rules
  • and the manageability of encryption across all platforms within an entire organisation.


Hardware-based encryption for servers

Encryption for Servers allows businesses and organisations to take advantage of our most secure and efficient way to encrypt important data on a server. Typically, a server is relied on for different demands versus a desktop PC or laptop. Server Encryption is fully optimised with servers in mind and addresses:

  • RAID arrays,
  • disk and port access control,
  • remote management
  • and multiple-OS support.


Why encrypt at server level?
Departmental servers should always be encrypted – even if they only run simple business processes such as print services, as they often reside in unsecured environments. Any server that manages data related to a business and its customers needs to be secured from prying eyes in accordance with new Data Protection rules.

Remote protection
The ability to securely boot-up a server in a secure environment is critical for business continuity, particularly where the un-attended reboot of a machine is common. Pre-boot solution leverages network-based resources to authenticate and enforce access controls to ensure a simple, secure reboot of a server remotely.


Force security policies
Data leakage is a concern for any business. With SecureDoc for Servers, we can lock down a server on demand and prevent the transfer of data to an external storage device. Furthermore, the ability to read/write to external media can be limited only to encrypted drives to ensure the security & integrity of the data being transferred or stored.

Thanks to Server Encryption, not only are you safe in the knowledge that your data is secure, your business can also enjoy a fully managed service.