SecureDoc Enterprise Server

Full Disk Encryption – Your First Line of Defence

Passwords alone cannot protect your business. Endpoint encryption is an essential first line of defence to protect sensitive or confidential information against loss or theft, prevent costly data breaches and achieve key compliance objectives


No-compromise security

 Full Disk Encryption offers a unique and hassle free approach to data and device protection – combining industry leading endpoint encryption with robust device and port controls to significantly reduce the threat of data loss.

Full disk encryption automatically converts data on a hard drive into a language that cannot be deciphered by any unauthorised personnel. Without a secure password, the data remains inaccessible, even if the hard drive was to be used in another computer.

SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption a fully-fledged computer security option for business of all sizes

With Full Disk Encryption, not only are you safe in the knowledge that your data is secure, your business can also enjoy a fully managed service.

What's included with Full Disk Encryption?

Provides Pre-Boot authentication which enables users to verify credentials before the Operating System loads and data is accessible.

Centralised Policies

We can define, enforce and update policies across your whole organisation, specific departments or geography.

Removable Media Encryption

Protects sensitive data on CDs, DVDs, USB drives etc. RME can also be provided on its own for clients that do not require FDE.

East to Deploy

Easy installation packages encrypt the entire hard drive to ensure maximum security. The devices communicate to our cloud server.

Centrally managed control, which enforces security policies on all devices across your organisation, ensuring they are encrypted.

AES 256-bit Encryption

SecureDoc uses a certified AES 256-bit encryption trusted by over 3 million users at leading government agencies and corporations

Key Management

Key management ensures that data can be recovered even if a user forgets their password or departs the organisation.

Mac & Windows

WinMagic offer support for both Mac and Windows