SecureDoc CloudVM

Enterprise & Policy-based Control for Virtual Workloads

Any business is responsible for protecting their own data and workloads in the cloud. The best way to do that is with an encryption solution that encrypts your data wherever it is in your virtual environment, and manages your encryption keys. Introducing: CloudVM solution.

Save time, money and effort spent trying to manage multiple data security solutions

SecureDoc CloudVM is a flexible and high-performance data security solution that protects virtualised or cloud environments and data against undisclosed access, malicious insiders, or intrusion by external parties. SecureDoc CloudVM is a perfect match for enterprises seeking greater protection over their data residing in the cloud.

CloudVM is the most comprehensive full disk encryption and intelligent key management solution for your virtual machines, protecting your data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.


Pre-Boot Protection and Compliance Auditing for the Cloud

Adding yet another layer of protection, CloudVM offers a secure preboot authentication to ensure that authorised personnel are able to access your data from an expected place and/or device.

Furthermore, Managed Encryption CloudVM offers detailed reporting on request to show and prove that your VM is encrypted. These reports are a valuable tool during audit and compliance reviews.