Protection Service for Business
Protection Service for Business is the best, most comprehensive endpoint protection package on the market, designed from the ground up to solve your challenging business security needs.
F-Secure Protection Service for Business is the best, most comprehensive endpoint security package on the market. It's designed from the ground up to solve challenging business security needs, without significant maintenance or management overhead.
It protects all your devices against all threats, like ransomware and data breaches. And it includes security for Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones, a variety of server platforms.
Management Portal
Manage everything through a single cloud-based console. This simplifies the deployment, management, and monitoring of endpoint security components, their profiles and integrated security tools.
  • One portal for deployment, management and monitoring
  • Automatic patch management
  • No server hardware required
  • Full integration readiness for third-party management tools
Computer Protection
The number and sophistication of threats is increasing at an ever-faster pace. Hence it is imperative you have powerful, layered protection for your Windows and Mac computers—protection that includes modern technologies such as patch management, real-time threat intelligence, and heuristic analysis.
You can get F-Secure Computer Protection in Standard and Premium versions. The premium version includes advanced security features, which bring more visibility, control, and manageability for companies with heightened security requirements. These features include, for example, Application Control with script blocking and DataGuard with File Access Control.
  • Award-winning security for Mac & Windows
  • AV-TEST Best Protection, 2011-2014, 2016 and 2018
  • Integrated patch management for Windows computers
  • Advanced Behavior & Heuristic Analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in DeepGuard 6
Mobile Protection
Smartphones are vulnerable to data breaches—in 2016, smartphone malware attacks increased almost 400%. From May 2018, this could lead to a fine of €20 million or 4% of turnover under the General Data Protection Regulation. Protection Service for Business provides security, visibility, and control of mobile devices.
  • Next generation mobile security for iOS and Android devices
  • WiFi security (VPN)
  • Proactive App and web protection
  • Third-party MDM support available
Server Protection
Protect your mission-critical communication, collaboration, and data storage with dedicated security for Exchange, SharePoint, and Citrix servers, keeping them running at peak performance.
  • Multi-platform server security
  • Advanced Behavior & Heuristic Analysis
  • Fully integrated Patch Management
  • Additional SharePoint & Exchange components




Management Portal
Security made simple
F-Secure Protection Service for Business makes it easy to deploy, manage, and monitor the security of your endpoints and related services from a single, intuitive console. It gives you real-time visibility into all your devices and their security status. Extensive dashboards with priority and severity ratings optimize administration, incident response, and remediation.
Central Deployment
Simple and automatic endpoint installation
AV-Comparatives found our endpoint installation "no more complicated than installing iTunes". We have made it even easier by enabling central deployment of all endpoint security clients from one portal through an email flow. The subscription key is automatically included in the link or installer so that the end-user need only click the link for the installation process to start automatically.
For larger environments, you can create an MSI package that can be deployed either with your own remote installation tools or with ours.
Conflicting security solutions are automatically removed during the installation of Windows clients, ensuring a smoother and faster transition from one vendor to another.
Security Management
Customize your security set-up
You can create and customize individual security policies (profiles) and assign them either individually or in groups to computers, mobiles and servers, respectively.
Configuration options are comprehensive and easy to modify to suit your needs. For example, you can:
Configure a firewall
Adjust the settings of various components such as real-time scanning and heuristic analysis
Manage and configure the automated scanning and installation of missing third-party software patches
You can set a large variety of web-related controls and rules, for example:
Define vital sites, like your intranet, for added protection
Filter certain categories, for example pornography
Block active web content like java scripts from unknown sites
Manage and enforce mobile anti-theft policies such passcodes requirements
All settings and policies can be enforced down to the individual level if needed so that end-users cannot alter or change them.
 Security Monitoring
Follow your security status in detail
The management portal gives you a complete overview of your entire environment's security status. This includes potential software vulnerabilities, rooted devices, missing security updates, and the status of security features like real-time scanning and Firewall.
For example, you can track the number of blocked infections and pay closer attention to devices that are attacked the most. You can set automatic email alerts so that specific infection parameters get your attention first. If you need more information on any particular infection, you can obtain it directly from our security database.
 Software Updater
Automated patch management
Software Updater is a critical security component that's fully integrated into the Management Portal, offering automated patch management for all endpoints and servers. There's no need to install separate agents, management servers or consoles. It's the first layer of protection when malicious content reaches end-points and can prevent up to 80% of attacks simply by keeping security software up to date.
Software Updater works by scanning for missing updates, creating a vulnerability report, and then downloading and deploying them automatically or manually. Security patches include Microsoft updates and over 2,500 third-party applications such as Flash, Java, OpenOffice and others that commonly serve as attack vectors.
The administrator can define exclusions to the automatic mode. You can set the dates and time for automatic installations to run, and include a grace period before forcing a reboot after installation. For applications that don't need a reboot, there is none. If multiple applications requiring a reboot are updated at the same time, everything is handled with a single reboot.
Automatic security updates
Improve productivity & reduce risks
Hosted security services have distinct advantages. There is no server hardware or software to install or maintain—your browser is all that you need. Protection Service for Business automatically updates third-party software when security patches are missing, so there is no need for manual updating. Also, endpoint security clients automatically receive client security database updates, saving even more time on security maintenance.
By utilizing real-time threat intelligence via F-Secure Security cloud, you are automatically protected against any new and emerging threats
 Management API
Full integration readiness
Management API is an integration interface that allows complete integration of the PSB management platform with a third-party management system. All operations that are available through the Management Portal are also available through the Management API. This does not include ordering, which is done through the Partner Portal.
The integration helps to leverage your organization's existing investments and benefits from centralized management systems, for example by streamlining the administrator's security-related work.
Furthermore, it allows you to create additional automation, customized workflows and reports, among other things, further reducing the workload and optimizing the management experience and benefits for your organization's specific needs.
Device Control
Access for approved hardware only
Device Control prevents threats from entering your system via hardware devices such as USB sticks, CD-ROM drives, and web cameras. This also prevents data leakage by allowing read-only access, for example.
When a prohibited device is plugged in, Device Control turns it off to prevent user access. You can block access to devices by setting predefined rules, and set rules to allow specific devices while all other devices of the same class are blocked. You can for example:
Disallow running programs from USB/CD/other drives: disable autorun, accidental execution or loading modules from removable drives.
Block device classes completely.
Read-only access to USB/CD/other drives.
Block device classes with exception of specified devices.
Protect data against ransomware
F-Secure DataGuard subjects selected high-risk and value-critical folders to advanced monitoring and additional detection logic. It makes them significantly more fortified against ransomware, and prevents malicious and unknown applications from destroying or tampering with the data that they contain. The high-risk and value-critical folders include, for example, the Downloads folder (web downloads), document folders, temp files (email attachments), and data repositories.
The feature's complementary detection logic significantly increases detection accuracy and aggressiveness against ransomware and their encryption processes. The Data Access module ensures that the data in these folders is not destroyed, tampered with, or encrypted by malicious or unknown applications, such as ransomware. Among other benefits, the Data Access module enables the recovery of data in the event of a successful ransomware attack, as it cannot encrypt the data located in those folders.
F-Secure DataGuard is available in Computer Protection Premium.
Application Control
Prevent applications from executing
Application Control prevents threats from executing and running scripts, even if they bypass other security layers to get onto your device. This mitigates the risks posed by malicious, illegal, and unauthorized software in the corporate environment.
With Application Control you can:
Identify and control which applications are allowed to run in your environment
Identify trusted, authorized software automatically
Prevent all other applications, whether malicious, untrusted, or simply unwanted from running 
Eliminate unknown and unwanted applications in your environment to reduce complexity and risk
Monitor all applications running within the endpoint environment
Finally, you can use it to block applications from running scripts, for example:
Prevent all Microsoft Office applications from running PowerShell scripts
Prevent all Microsoft Office applications from running Batch scripts
Application control works based on rules created by our penetration testers that cover attack vectors used to breach into corporate environments. Alternatively, the administrator can define the rules based on various criteria, such as the application name or version.