Office 365 Classifier

Comprehensive Classification Coverage
For All Versions Of Microsoft Office

     Classifier has comprehensive coverage across the Microsoft Office suite and Office 365, ensuring however users access it, on premise or in the cloud, users enjoy the same intuitive, familiar interface and classification experience.

  • Educates and engages users in the data security process  

  • Classification controls appear native in the ribbon of the application

  • Classification for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project

  • Improve accuracy and thus ROI with third party data loss prevention, digital rights management and storage solutions

At A Glance

     Organisations are experiencing a dramatic increase in the quantity of unstructured data that is being created and shared by their employees. With Microsoft Office© being the primary productivity tool used in creating this data, it is vital that appropriate security controls exist to cope with the increased risk of data loss and to ensure that users are made aware of the need to safeguard sensitive documents.

     Boldon James Office Classifier meets that challenge by empowering users to apply relevant visual labels to documents and embed those labels into the document metadata. Office Classifier provides the most comprehensive set of labelling add-ins for key applications in the Microsoft Office© suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project. Classifier labels enforce an organisation’s rules on handling and release of documents, automatically invoking other protective technologies such as Rights Management.

Key Benefits

• Engages users
• Increases awareness
• Enforces policy
• Drives security solutions
• Exploits a common platform