Observe IT
  • Third Party Monitoring - Vendor Monitoring

Directly minimize the risks associated with vendor activity across your enterprise

Hold your vendors accountable and avoid unnecessary activity. With Third Party Monitoring, it is simple to see (and prove) exactly how vendors have spent their time working on company servers. This eliminates “who did what?” doubts, confirms SLA agreements and eases vendor billing verification.

  • Privileged User Monitoring

Get user audit trails of everything that happens on sensitive servers

Privileged Session Recording makes it easy to monitor privileged users to detect leaks of sensitive and regulated information, because every privileged user action is monitored and analyzed in real-time. ObserveIT provides screen-recording technology to capture all user behavior, regardless of the environment. Beyond providing video playback of all user activity, ObserveIT turns these video recordings into metadata that can be easily searched, analyzed, audited and acted upon.

  • Employee Monitoring

Know who’s doing what with confidence

ObserveIT's employee monitoring provides visibility into all user activity within any user session, whether they are performed through remote access or console access. It works on most operating systems spanning all versions of Windows, Linux and UNIX.



Achieving compliance requires overcoming the complexity of auditing dozens or hundreds of deployed applications. And equally importantly, your compliance solution should also allow your business to grow naturally, without artificial restrictions.

Ensuring the safety of sensitive data in accordance with compliance regulations isn’t a technology problem – it’s a people problem. Ultimately, every compliance violation can be traced back to the specific actions of a particular user: an employee, contractor or remote vendor involved in the collection, storage and transmission of sensitive data. Unfortunately, most companies have zero visibility into what users are actually doing with this information once they access it, dramatically increasing the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

The bottom line of most compliance requirements is: Make sure that you know every action that people do which impacts sensitive data. Having a log of every database query from the main user application is meaningless if there are also custom utilities that access the data from another direction. ObserveIT solves this dilemma with a simple and straightforward solution: visually recording of all user activity on any server or workstation to make auditing and compliance easier. No matter what applications or resources the user accessed, ObserveIT tracks exact actions and provides textual user activity logs for reporting and alerting.