nGenius Voice | Video Manager

nGenius Voice | Video Manager is a performance management and analysis solution that enables IT staff to proactively manage the performance and user experience for a broad range of Unified Communications (UC) services for enterprise and call center environments.

Deployed as a standalone UC performance management solution or in conjunction with the nGenius Solution, nGenius Voice | Video Manager supports multi-vendor and multi-location UC deployments, and delivers granular application-specific metrics for IP-based voice and video sessions. It delivers real-time analysis of the transmission and conversation quality to reveal voice and video service performance and the true user experience. As a result, IT organizations can achieve the required actionable visibility into the end-to-end behavior and quality of UC applications and services.

When deployed with the nGenius Solution, nGenius Voice | Video Manager extends the capabilities of the nGenius Solution to proactively manage UC service delivery and allows existing customers to leverage their existing investment in NetScout technology.

Supporting a broad complement of Unified Communication  technologies, vendors and services, the nGenius Voice | Video Manager combines proactive service management, intelligent troubleshooting, automated diagnostics, flexible reporting, and innovative service desk support to reveal UC application-level behavior on a per-user, per-call basis.

  • Proactive performance management of video and services
  • Real-time dashboard with business relevant Quality of Experience (QoE)-based service-level alerting and automated troubleshooting
  • Deep visibility into end-to-end call quality and session performance across all user devices
  • Historical analysis reporting by service, fault, location or device
  • Innovative service desk capabilities enable IT staff to investigate by extension, phone number, user ID or IP address
  • Powerful troubleshooting and diagnostics enable drill-down to individual user sessions and calls
  • Seamlessly integrates endpoint data from Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime clients.