nGenius PFS Management Software

nGenius PFS Management software is an intelligent platform for streamlining the administration and provisioning of network monitoring fabrics based on the nGenius 3900 series packet flow switch. The platform is built to meet the challenge of managing an increasing number of fabric ports and logical connections to monitoring tools by delivering a unified and intelligent solution that keeps the administrative effort to a minimum and supports fabric growth to thousands of ports.

nGenius PFS Management software delivers intuitive, drag-and-drop, end-to-end connection provisioning as well as centralized monitoring of fabric health, capacity, and load. Active standby server redundancy with full stateful failover delivers high reliability and smooth, continued operation in case of active server failure. The platform also enables secure administration by multiple IT teams, enabling each team to independently control connections serving their respective tools, thereby increasing IT team efficiency and operational agility.

Built for supporting large-scale multi-switch, distributed network monitoring fabrics based on nGenius 3900 series packet flow switch, nGenius PFS Management software enables administrators to manage the monitoring fabric from virtually anywhere. An intuitive web-based GUI along with intelligence built into the platform keep the administrative burden to a minimum. Key capabilities include:

  • Streamlined, unified management and provisioning of the nGenius 3900 series packet flow switch and monitoring fabric management with intuitive, drag-and-drop GUI
  • Supports up to thousands of managed ports across a unified monitoring fabric
  • Intelligent, end-to-end, cross-switch provisioning reduces administration time and avoids configuration errors
  • Real-time and historical tracking of monitoring fabric load with threshold alarms to enable load optimization and capacity upgrade planning
  • Dashboard views of switch and port status, alarm capabilities, and integrated diagnostics to reduce time to resolution in case of errors 
  • Highly resilient via active standby server redundancy with hitless failover
  • Supports multi-team use with secure, multi-user access and role-based authorization.