NetScout TAPs

The NetScout TAP family provides network monitoring devices with full access to network traffic. NetScout TAPs are built for simplified and reliable deployment by being invisible to the network devices at both ends of the network link, and hence causing no disruption to data flows or protocol transactions.

Resilience to power failure enhances reliability. NetScout fiber optic TAPs are based on passive fiber optic splitters, and therefore, require no external power. The NetScout copper TAPs are powered by redundant power supplies with non-disruptive, automatic failover in case of power loss or power supply failure. In the unlikely case of total power loss, the copper TAPs feature rapid failover to passive, pass-through mode in order to minimize disruption to the monitored link.

The NetScout TAP family offers multiple options for link types and speeds to maximize deployment versatility, and are built for placement on strategic network links to enable comprehensive, always-on monitoring of the IT infrastructure.

The NetScout TAP family is designed for simplified and flexible deployments to suit environments with different link types and densities. The family enables incremental growth of monitoring capacity while conserving precious rack space. Key capabilities include:

  • Full and transparent access to network traffic
  • Fiber optic and copper media support
  • Multiple densities of 1, 4, and 8 monitoring port
  • Compact rackmount adapter supports up to 3 small form factor TAPs while enabling mixing of different media types
  • Non-powered, low insertion loss fiber optic TAPs
  • Redundant power supplies for copper TAPs.