Mobile Performance Management

Overcome the challenges of mobile environments by delivering reliable connections to all users no matter where they go, reducing the number of support tickets, speeding issue resolution and managing data usage.

  • Traffic Optimization

Empower your employees to be more productive (and less frustrated) via better mobile performance. We ensure essential applications run smoothly, no matter where your workers go.

Accelerate and Compress Data to Ensure Performance

Our traffic optimization features improve the speed and reliability of your workers’ business-critical applications. We give priority to real-time data streams—such as VoIP or video—and help recover lost data on the fly, so these tools can be used effectively even on weak network connections.

Plus, compressing and accelerating data on metered networks can lead to significant cost savings, too.

Ensure Reliable Connections No Matter What

  • Adaptive Policies

Fine tune your mobile user experience with intelligent controls. We ensure mobile devices speed workers, not slow them.

The Right Policy for the Job—Every Time

Our solution lets you customize the mobile users’ experience for peak performance. Prioritize application access based on network, situation and location parameters. Policies are network aware and adapt to the ever changing working and networking conditions of mobile users.

Prevent Application Performance Problems

Applications not designed for intermittent or low bandwidth networks can slow the performance of a device, making it unusable for periods of time and slowing productivity. Policies can control access of these applications to prevent users from inadvertently crippling their device.

Lower the Burden of Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

Some applications, updates or patches can consume large amounts of data and should be executed only on non-metered networks that don’t incur data charges.

Our policy features give you the ability to block individual applications, allow their access only on specific networks or under specific conditions, or restrict specific types of data flows to ensure performance on low-bandwidth networks.

  • Performance Analytics and Diagnostics

What can you do with real-time data about connections, network use and conditions, bandwidth consumption, application access and device locations? How about: Make the kind of informed decisions that keep workers working—always. Our software provides real-time insights to help you make smarter mobility decisions.

Comprehensive Visibility and Root Cause Analysis

Diagnose and Resolve Problems on the Fly

Our software uses push-button diagnostics to analyze every data hop and determine whether issues are caused by the device, network or applications—including portions that are in the cloud.

Which means minimized downtime and improved mean time to repair, thanks to quicker identification of problems and the insight to solve them accurately.

Chart a Course to Better Connectivity

NetMotion features mapping capabilities that track every device in the field and reveal areas where coverage is poor or non-existent, and can roll-back to previous points in time to localize and analyze problems reported after the fact.

Reports and Alerts to Keep You In The Know

Are users silently suffering from issues or burning time trying to solve issues beyond their control? NetMotion Diagnostics analyzes real-time data to proactively alert you as problems arise.

- Ensure stakeholders stay informed on key events and export alerts for integration with third-party tools

- Improve utilization and savings with data plan alerts for all your devices

- Track and report geo-tagged data to better manage carrier SLAs, and monitor GPS performance for location-based applications and services

- Export data to enterprise operational intelligence, SIEM, business intelligence and log-analysis tools

Skip the Hold Music

Too often, users find themselves waylaid by mobile connectivity issues—often leading to long waits with plenty of time spent on hold while IT digs into the problem. That’s why NetMotion arms your IT department with deep visibility into user device performance, and root cause analysis capabilities that make it easy to find where issues are occurring. Whether the problem is in the device, the network, the server or the application, we ensure that IT can solve it quickly and get your field workers back to business.

  • Security

Our secure mobility solution keeps your sensitive information safe, no matter the network, via highly flexible and programmable controls. We provide mobile security that protects workers without getting in their way.

Advanced Features for Sensitive and Regulated Industries

Granular Security and Flexibility

Connections on public networks require different security policies than those on your corporate network. That’s why our policy-based security enables you to control and manage connections for specific applications or data flows, or for all applications and connections on a device. Geo-fencing capabilities provide location-based controls.

Safeguard Corporate Resources Against Unsecure Devices 

Devices without the proper safeguards should not have access to corporate resources. Our software allows you to build policies that ensure certain security tools such as an active firewall and updated antivirus are in place before granting access.

Device Protections Against Undesirable Traffic

We provide a firewall on each device to prevent unwanted or malicious traffic from entering, based on policies you specify. Centralized control means you can manage configurations for every user and device from a single interface.

Integration With IT Security Tools 

Our software supports integration with many popular security tools to help your staff identify and remediate threats, quickly and effectively.