ISNG Platform

The InfiniStreamNG™ (ISNG) appliance uses patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology to generate the NETSCOUT® “Smart Data” required for continuous and uniform visibility across today’s enterprise environments. The NETSCOUT nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform’s smart analytics consume this smart data to supply views, alerts, and reports on key performance indicators, network and application error details, specialized service monitors, session records, and packet decodes. With the NETSCOUT solution, information technology (IT) teams today have the technology required to deliver superior user experience, while also ensuring successful digital transformation business objectives, including Data Center and Cloud migrations, Unified Communications (UC) rollouts, and Security Analytics initiatives, amongst others. With ASI-generated smart data also serving as a common data source for NETSCOUT’s vSTREAM virtual appliances for hybrid cloud (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure) and virtual (e.g., VMware NSX-V and NSX-T) environments, ISNG software and hardware appliances can be deployed in tandem with vSTREAM.

InfiniStreamNG Hardware Appliance Overview NETSCOUT provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy ISNG hardware appliances in the manner best-suited to their infrastructure and visibility requirements. Manufactured by NETSCOUT, our purpose-built ISNG hardware appliances offer “tuned” configurations that bring deployment, administration, and maintenance efficiencies to IT teams. Since network speeds, processing, and capacity needs vary, NETSCOUT offers several ISNG appliance models with different interface and storage capacities. Various ISNG models can be deployed in tandem for seamless analysis across the entire network, making it easier and more cost-effective to monitor and gather intelligence from multiple sources, with no disruption to business processes. Equally significant, NETSCOUT offers ISNG hardware appliance models designed for deployment in any environment, ranging from the network edge, small remote facilities, satellite offices, and disaster recovery locations, onto the data center core. In addressing scalability and monitoring needs in very large environments, multiple ISNG hardware and software appliances can be deployed to provide virtually unlimited scalability. IT teams reduce management complexity in large networks with all ISNG appliances centrally managed through the nGeniusONE platform.



• Optimized ISNG hardware appliances, offering best-in-class performance, compatibility with ISNG software and vSTREAM™ virtual appliances

• Turn-key system includes ASI software and NETSCOUT-certified hardware

• ISNG 10G/40G/100G support options requires less hardware