Exinda Network Orchestrator

Real-time visibility & reporting for applications

  • See network activities across all users, applications, devices, and locations with easy-to-use dashboards.
  • Analyze and inspect application traffic at the Layer 7 or application level so you can troubleshoot issues quickly when they arise. Model and interact with data to better understand the health of your network and applications.

Prioritize critical application performance

  • See applications perform as promised while user complaints drop by 75% or more when Exinda helps you manage.
  • With the power to accelerate, shape and cache application traffic in a single solution, Network Managers can guarantee their most important applications always perform without resorting to buying more capacity.

Control network traffic & applications

  • Networks running Exinda provide deep insight into users, devices, applications and activities.
  • A library of reports, powerful analytics and predictive recommendations enable network teams to diagnose and resolve problems 3x faster.