Endpoint Protector 5

Protects PC, Mac and Linux endpoints from unauthorized usage of USB and other portable devices for Data Loss Prevention.

Endpoint Protector is the flagship product for Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management developed by CoSoSys.

As a cross-platform tool, it provides Device Control and Content Aware Protection for Windows and Mac OS X computers, as well as allowing management of an iOS & Android mobile device fleet. Besides being extremely granular, it is also very easy to incorporate and deploy into any type of network, either as hardware or virtual appliance. Whether a small company or an enterprise, Endpoint Protector solves your DLP & MDM challenges. It is also complemented by EasyLock, providing enforce encryption for USB storage devices. 

Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, smartphones, tablets and cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive may cause severe issues when it comes to controlling data use within and outside the company. As a full Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) product available for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS, Android mobile devices, Endpoint Protector 4 prevents users from taking unauthorized data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on storage devices.


Why is Data Loss Prevention essential?

Being subject to outside attacks or insider threats is inevitable but data leaks, data loss and data theft can be mitigated. A content and context-aware DLP solution can inspect and control file transfers containing sensitive information like personal data or intellectual property, manage what USB storage devices can or cannot be used and, ensure enforced encryption is used. Ensuring the best possible outcome, all these actions should occur at the endpoint level, the riskiest point of attack.
With a Server-Client architecture, Endpoint Protector provides cross-platform DLP, without disrupting users daily work. The Server can be accessed by administrators through a user-friendly web interface, while the Client has the smallest footprint possible, offering the best user experience for the end user.
Endpoint Protector is focused on providing solutions for modern information security challenges. Data Loss Prevention Solution provides several vital elements. All of them working together form a powerful cross-platform DLP solution that protects Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.
Real-time data protection with an advanced DLP solution
The components of CoSoSys DLP solution can be used separately or all together to defend your data against loss, theft, and leaks.
Device Control
Manage use of USB and other portable storage devices and enforce strong security policies to protect your vital data and your network's health.
Content Aware Protection
Make sure sensitive data does not leave your network whether copied on devices, to clipboard or through applications, online services and even as screen captures.
Enforced Encryption for removable storage
Keep sensitive data encrypted while on the move and access it everywhere you go on any Windows, macOS and Linux computers.
Discover, encrypt and delete sensitive data. Detailed content and context inspection through manual or automatic scans.