Discovery Data Loss Prevention

Digital Guardian for Data Discovery provides visibility and auditing of potentially unsecured data. Automatic, configurable scanning of local and network shares using discovery specific inspection policies ensure sensitive content is discovered wherever it is located. Detailed audit logging and reports provide you with the information needed to demonstrate compliance, protect confidential information and reduce data loss risk.

Key Benefits:

  • Locate, Identify, and Secure Content

Data Discovery allows your organization to find sensitive and regulated data on endpoints, servers, shares, and databases then take necessary steps to secure and ensure compliance.

  • Industry leading accuracy

Our unique Database Record MatchingTM (DBRMTM) uses mathematical hashes of the actual data to look for matches when inspecting outbound traffic.

DBRM recognizes and registers a wide variety of both structured and unstructured data eliminating false positives and false negatives.

  • Flexible, tailored responses

Configurable responses to policy violation allow administrators range from simply logging all activity through automated encryption, quarantine, or removal of sensitive files.

  • Auditing, Remediation, Logging

Data storage needs to be audited on a regular basis, either for compliance audits or for internal data policies.

Digital Guardian for Data Discovery delivers the visibility to find sensitive data and if needed take immediate and automated responses to bring the organization back into compliance.

Detailed logging and reporting of activities allows for analysis of trends and events to modify data protection programs as needed.


Why Digital Guardian for Data Discovery

  • Compliance

Digital Guardian for Data Discovery delivers the protection needed to support compliance efforts for your sensitive, and regulated data stored throughout your organization. Pre-configured policies, including discovery specific inspection policies, accurately find sensitive data.

  • Broad Coverage for your Data Protection Needs

Digital Guardian delivers data protection anytime, anywhere. Our coverage spans data on the endpoint, including laptops, desktops, and servers, on the network, to and in the cloud, and in storage. This end to end, and integrated, coverage delivers the protection you need in a simplified architecture to speed deployments and simplify ongoing operations.

  • Flexible Deployment

Digital Guardian offers on-premises deployment models where you control the entire installation or via our industry leading Managed Security Program. This fully managed solution offloads the configuration and ongoing management to our team; we are your eyes on the screen watching for events while also providing detailed reporting to better gauge effectiveness of your data protection efforts.

  • A Deep History of Data Protection

Digital Guardian knows data, we’ve been protecting it for over a decade. We bring this deep expertise to our customers across a variety of industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and others all across the globe. We can support your organization as you develop your compliance programs and help you achieve comprehensive intellectual property protection.