Digital Guardian Management Console

The Digital Guardian Management Console (DGMC) is your web-based command center within our Digital Guardian data-centric security platform. It enables you to create and manage policies, alerts, and reports.

Data use policies that you configure in the DGMC are distributed down to and enforced by the DG endpoint agents. The agents send event logs back to the DGMC, which aggregates and analyzes the event data and provides alerts and consolidated reporting.

Manage and control all DG Endpoint Agents – Linux, Mac or Windows - from one console

  •  Manage data security policies to Digital Guardian agents by users, machines or groups
  •  Create role-based access controls
  •  Capture, aggregate, and store user and data-related activities with full forensic context
  •  Set policy-based alerts and email notifications for near- real-time incident response
  •  Synchronize with your existing Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure
  •  Configure for anonymization of the data to support privacy laws and Worker’s Council concerns
  •  Monitor application usage and activity

Use our Advanced Analytics Engine and Dashboards for executive, forensic, and custom reports

  •  View aggregated, high-level snapshots of sensitive data usage and flow across the extended enterprise
  •  Drill-down to relevant information at the user, machine, or individual file level
  •  Use our integrated case management and forensic capabilities to track data usage by users and groups for targeted investigation. All usage logs are stored as tamper-proof evidence (encrypted and digitally signed) for future validation
  •  Integrate Digital Guardian event logs with SIEMs and other event aggregators