Database Performance Analyzer


» 24/7 down-to-the-second monitoring, for both real-time and historical analysis

» Find your worst performing applications, SQL, and tables in seconds

» Hybrid monitoring for virtualized, physical, and cloud-based database instances

» Uncover root causes from CPU and I/O down to the SQL statement

» Visualize all wait times from resources to blocking, to host resources and VM resources, and more

» Machine learning anomaly detection that gets better over time

» Detailed blocking and deadlock analysis expose your SQL blocking hierarchy



» Easy to install and quick time-to-value, low overhead of 1% or less

» Goes beyond problem analysis with expert advice with table tuning and query advisors

» Get the complete picture of all database instance resources spanning CPU to storage I/O

» Granularity to drill down to even the SQL Text level

» Create custom reports and automated email alerts

» Integrate into your DevOps automation routine with RESTful API

» Correlate resource metrics of hardware constraint impacts on end users

» Scalability to support large and/or dynamic environments

» End-to-end visibility with SolarWinds Orion® Platform, Perfstack™, and Appstack™ integration