Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Discover and Protect Your Sensitive Data at Rest


You can’t protect what you can’t find. Digital Guardian for Data Discovery provides visibility and auditing of sensitive data at rest across the enterprise.

Our data discovery appliance uses automatic, configurable scanning of local and network shares using discovery specific inspection policies to find sensitive data wherever it is located. Detailed audit logging and reports provide you with the information needed to demonstrate compliance, protect confidential information and reduce data loss risk.


  • Locates and identifies all sensitive data at rest
  • Demonstrates data security and compliance
  • Delivers flexible remediation

Allows your organization to find sensitive and regulated data on servers, shares, and in databases. Pre-configured templates speed discovery of PHI, PCI, and PII data while customized templates deliver flexibility for other data types and emerging regulations including GDPR.

Documents the location and composition of sensitive data to support organizational security policies and to demonstrate compliance with external regulations.

Managers receive notification and the detailed list of files and their location that violate specific policy upon discovery scan completion. If certain file(s) violated a policy and based on assigned action (delete, encrypt, move) a file marker will be automatically left with policy violations details.

Sensitive Data Discovery Across the Enterprise and the Cloud

Digital Guardian Data Discovery uses automatic, configurable scanning of local and network shares
using specific inspection policies to ensure sensitive content is discovered wherever it is located. Data
discovery is extended to the cloud through integrations with leading cloud storage providers to scan
repositories, enabling encryption, removal, or other automated remediation of sensitive data before the file
is shared in the cloud - data that is already stored in the cloud can be scanned and audited at any time.

The Most Accurate Discovery
for the Most Accurate Data Protection Our unique fingerprinting technology is the industry’s most
accurate for identifying and controlling PII, PCI, & PHI data. By focusing on protecting PII/PCI/PHI,
we provide the absolutely lowest false positive and false negative rate of any technology available.
This allows your team to focus on the real risks.

The Most Flexible Deployment Options
Our compliance data protection is either delivered on premises or as a managed service. Backed
by experts with 10+ years of implementation experience, our managed security program
provides complete installation, administration, reporting, and semimonthly reviews.

Appliance Based Solution for Rapid Deployment and Low Overhead
Digital Guardian‘s Content Inspection engines combine content inspection, policy creation,
and management in one, greatly simplifying deployment and management without sacrificing
accuracy or effectiveness. Our approach is recognized for delivering the lowest total cost
of ownership with no dedicated resources required to manage.