CAD Classifier

Classify Design Documents From Creation
In Popular CAD Solutions

     New design files need to be protected so that data doesn't fall into the wrong hands, or the right ones too soon. CAD Classifier brings the benefits of data classification to key design documents across a variety of CAD applications, including AutoCAD and Draftsight, applying visual and metadata labels to guard against inappropriate dissemination.

  • Automate warnings and rules to prevent accidental data leaks
  • Combine with other Classifier solutions to apply consistent rules and policies across all of your file types and applications
  • Supports the attainment of ISO27001 with quick and easy classification inside CAD applications
  • Drive data security solutions such as DLP, encryption and
    rights management more accurately to achieve a positive return on investment


At A Glance

     Engineering and manufacturing organisations hold substantial intellectual property assets in the form of design documents and drawings produced by CAD applications. Managing and controlling these assets is a challenging task in a today’s collaborative environments with many external partners involved in the supply chain.

     Boldon James CAD Classifier family of products bring the benefits of data classification to key design documents produced by specific CAD applications. CAD Classifier for AutoCAD allows users of Autodesk® AutoCAD® to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to CAD documents and receive guidance on labelling policy, all via the user interface common to all Classifier products.

Key Benefits

• Engages users
• Increases awareness
• Enforces policy
• Drives security solutions
• Exploits a common platform