New security recipe. The power of right tool for log management and SIEM | November 25th

  • Event Type: Webinar
  • Date: 25 Nov 2021
  • Event Participants: Partner



On November 25th we invite you for vendor’s webinar for partners (integrators, IT-companies...).

We won’t tell you any uselles information. Just 40-minutes of business intelligence, verified information and cases of companies from different industries... and Energy’zing promo.


Meeting agenda:


How to synchronize modern technologies and nuances of SIEM’s market: perpetual on-premises solutions

  • European vendor with the highest technologies in cybersecurity
  • From features to architecture: vector of developing
  • Business-model: perpetual on-premises unique solutions + only a channel-oriented approach with 100% of deals registrations + the only distributor + free product learning
  • Examples of 3 tenders 'calculation
  • Users' cases: examples

See you November 25th at 10:00 (CET).

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