One system to rule them all - the power of right tool for log management | Partners Webinar | May 26th

  • Event Type: Webinar
  • Date: 26 May 2021
  • Event Participants: Partner


Modern IT management means many challenges in which one can easily get lost. How to find the right solution and product that will support us in these efforts and make the work of the company more efficient? And the most important, how to improve security based on Log Management and SIEM?

You need a tool capable of detecting, alerting and indicating security incidents as well as that allows you to analyze and correlate netflow with network packets. You need... one solution to rule them all!

We invite you to a webinar organized together with Energy Logserver, which will be hosted by Szymon Ćwieka, Presales Engineer Energy Logserver and Mikołaj Pigoń, Channel Business Manager Energy Logserver.

During the meeting we will talk about:

  1.  Why was Energy Logserver created?
  2.  How to enable existing systems and IT teams with log management?
  3.  6 main use cases of log management
  4.  Live-demo (based on 6 use cases)
  5.  Positioning and licensing.

The webinar will take place on May 26th at 10:00 (GMT+2).

We invite you to register!

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