DDoS attacks - a real danger for your business | Webinar | 30 March | 10:00

  • Event Type: Webinar
  • Date: 30 Mar 2021
  • Event Participants: End user, Partner

DDoS attacks are now one of the most common threats to businesses operating online. They are focused on computer systems or network services and supposed to block critical organisation's services. Attacks run at the same time from many computers over which control is taken using special software (e.g. bots and Trojans).
The consequences of such attacks may be huge and can cause serious losses - both in terms of image and finances.
How to be protected against DDoS attacks?
The solution of the American producer Corero comes with help: SmartWall Network ThreatDefense. It has been appreciated by numerous internet service and hosting providers, as well as many companies which base their business on online services.
This solution enables real-time detection of DDoS attacks, automatic failure detection and its mitigation. With differentiated deployment typologies, the DDoS SmartWall Threat Defense system family use a modern DDoS protection architecture to automatically and accurately remove DDoS attack traffic.
Join us for a webinar where we and the Corero team will present possibilities to protect yourself against DDoS attacks and show you how to deal with real problems using case studies as examples.
Event agenda:
Attacks examples and how to protect yourself from them
Presentation of the system management console
Overview of the incident analysis system
Case study
The event takes place on 30th March at 10:00 AM.


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