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Bakotech Sp. z o.o - new WHEEL Systems distributor in Central-Eastern Europe
27 Aug 2014
We have a pleasure to announce that Bakotech Sp. z o.o., Central European IT VAD distributor, has signed an agreement of WHEEL Systems distribution in Central-Eastern Europe related to following countries: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia. The goal of this cooperation is to build strong channel of resellers and integrators based on Value Added Distribution model and following that to provide effective enablement and support service related to market development in Central and Eastern Europe.
WHEEL Systems is a leading developer of innovative IT security solutions, specializing in users authorization and authentication, and monitoring access to corporate networks. WHEEL Systems products combine creativity and ease of use with strong security measures. It is a leading company offering mobile authentication solutions and one of a few companies offering complex solutions for remote access sessions monitoring and recording. Product offering is supplemented by wide range of services which include implementation, consulting, trainings and technical support.
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