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Easy-to-Use complete solution with innovative security features

To meet the individual security requirements of small and medium-sized companies, an easy-to-use complete solution is the answer: The Next Generation UTM appliances from gateprotect comprise innovative security and network features for the reliable protection of your network and your data against Spam, viruses and malware.

By means of state-of-the-art security functions such as Single Sign-On, Traffi c Shaping, QoS, IPSec/SSL IDS/IPS, Webfi lter and Virusfi lter, all parts of the company can be protected against attacks from the web in an effortless and effective way. Even home offi ces, branch offi ces or mobile devices are interconnected in a safe manner.
The patented eGUI® Technology displays all protection areas of a company in a clearly arranged graphic interface. The result: minimum efforts, fewer operator errors, lower costs. Thanks to this usability, our UTM solution has been honored with several international awards.


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Best solution in performance and reliability at a favorable price
Perfect choice for small and medium-sized companies
Perfect solution for small office environments
The entry-level solution for the Unified Threat Management segment
Entry-level product for Unified Threat Management
UTM security combined with top-performance for larger networks